Declaring Our Rights To Our Body, Health, Prosperity And Happiness

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

Congress and authoritative individuals within government agencies have been hard at work tearing the hearts from our freedoms of health, prosperity and happiness, especially in the last 2 years under Obama, that is, after the Bush regime cut off the feet. So that we understand the structure of the United States government, let’s look at its health-department structure.

Firstly, it should be understood that the U.S. Government is a corporation. Congress consists of 535 members that are 100 Senators and 435 House of Representatives. They are the executives of the U.S. Government Corporation, not crusaders for the people of the U.S.A. We all should know by now that voting-rights are a façade, falsely making us believe we have rights over decision-making in government. They give us about 95% candidates who protect and promote corporations rather than people no matter which party.

Congress is the only power to make laws. Congress writes tax codes and sets fiscal policy. The House of Representatives decides appropriations of tax dollars. In 1913, Congress gave the Federal Reserve Bank (an independent corporation run by criminal private bankers that are mostly foreign) complete control of U.S. monetary policy that always acts to the advantages of those banksters. Congress gave nine Supreme Court justices power to interpret laws who virtually make their own laws. (The interpretation of law really belongs to jurors in any case.) Congress gave the President power of law to write Executive Orders. No one man should be able to dictate laws at his desire or whim. They are all dictatorial actions. Congress could rescind all of those powers at any time, as they should now.

Congress is directly, legally, morally and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country. No matter what any lobbyist promises, it is the legislator's responsibility to determine how s/he votes. Congresspersons spend much of their energy convincing us that what they did was not their fault. They participate in this common dance regardless of party. Also, the president cannot force the Congress to accept his proposed budget. If the president vetoes alterations to his proposed budget, Congress can pass it over his veto. ALL of what we experience results from Congressional 2-stepping (2 steps forward for corporations and one step back for the people) and side-stepping (avoiding responsibility and blame).

Politicians and corporations campaign against problems. If money can be made by a problem, they will create the problem then offer resolutions from which corporate friends are paid tax dollars to resolve. To keep the money flowing into their pockets, resolutions are ongoing or eternal. It is a fact that 95% of those in office are criminally incompetent and irresponsible to the people but competent and responsible to corporations.

It is inconceivable that a nation of 300 million people cannot find 535 brave and rational people who are also competent and responsible to the people. All domestic problems, from unfair tax codes to defense overruns are traceable directly to those 535 people. Every thing we have in this country is exactly what they created, including wars that are the biggest money-makers for corporations and investors.

Although there are no insoluble governmental problems, Congress shifts the blame for problems to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish, and lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject, and regulators they have hired to regulate and from whom they can take that power. Congress tries to con us into believing that mystical forces such as "the economy," "inflation" or "politics" prevent them from doing their job to which they took an oath.

To add insult to injury, this year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations are PERSONS with all of the Constitutional rights of living individuals. Previously, corporations had limited rights under Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC). Now, corporations, including the US Government have many more laws to protect themselves, avoid prosecutorial and civil claims or bury any legal challenge under decades of legal nonsense.

For most of 2010, congressional members fought to pass U.S. Senate bill 510 (S.510) that was ironically titled FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Since they were unsuccessful, they tried to sneak it into other bills but constituents were watching carefully. Congress got so much constituent-opposition that they were unable to pass it without inciting a near hostile revolution. The people’s ally against the bill was Senator Tom Coburn who stated that he would block the passage of S.510 in any form. He called it the fake "food-safety" bill and stated that it will raise food prices, add $1.5 billion to deficit, add unfunded state mandates, and drive up the costs of food production by adding more layers of government interference, and that it would NOT increase food safety one bit. He was correct.

In closed session on a Sunday evening a week prior to Christmas holiday, congressional members stripped House Representative Bill 2751 (HR2751) of its Consumer-Assistance-to-Recycle-and-Save-Act language and inserted the language of S510 and passed it with Senator Coburn’s help. Coburn betrayed us and revealed himself to be a “fake” ally. That, my health-food and freedom lovers is the Congressional dance.

The evil that S510/HR2751 does: It empowers the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with money and authority unprecedented in history. It now has almost as much power over farming and food as the Nazi’s SS had over German people in 1936. Probably, some of my readers are chiding me for such a statement but let’s look at the FDA.

The FDA is under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The HHS is the principal agency that is supposed to protect the health of all Americans and provide essential human services, especially, purportedly, for those who are least able to help themselves. That means people, not corporations, right? Not with the new law that ordains corporations as Persons. Also under HHS are Central Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services National Institutes of Health.

HHS, which is headed by its Office of the Secretary, represents almost a quarter of all federal outlays, and it administers more grant dollars than all other federal agencies combined. HHS’ Medicare program is the nation’s largest health insurer, handling more than 1 billion claims per year. Medicare and Medicaid together provide health care insurance for one in four Americans. Basically, most of their payouts go to the medical establishment, only about .1% of medical payouts go to alternatives to medicine such as chiropractic.

Also included in the HHS is the Office of Public Health and Science, the Office of the HHS Inspector General and the HHS Office for Civil Rights. Do you get the picture? All of it is enmeshed and inseparable from medicine as the provider and protector of health and has NOTHING to do with alternative pursuits or options toward health. The idealism that the HHS and its branch departments protect people is gross façade. The president appoints the branches’ heads/dictators, almost all of which have business-nepotistic relationship histories, before or after taking office, with drug and/or chemical/agricultural companies, such as Monsanto.

Over the last 10 years, the FDA approved 9 drugs with literally deadly side effects. The Journal of the American Medical Association underestimated that 125,000 Americans die each year from the side effects of FDA-approved drugs.

Let’s look at how the FDA operates over food. FDA caused and causes the illness and death of millions of people in America with its approved food-additives, such as Aspartame. Yet the FDA spends tens of millions of dollars yearly fighting raw milk. The FDA, without any science-based authority, completely discredits raw milk’s nutritional value and aggressively attacks raw milk. On its website, the FDA falsely states with no scientific proof that consuming raw milk is equivalent to playing Russian roulette with health. All it states are grossly exaggerated estimates of illness and deaths by prejudicial testimony of medically-biased health officials such as CDC.

FDA and CDC state that the elderly, sickly, infants and pregnant are in grave danger by drinking raw milk. They not only ignore the million raw-milk-drinkers’ positive testimonials, including many in the at-risk categories who reversed their conditions by drinking raw milk, FDA and CDC discredits them as raving lunatics. FDA, HHS and CDC completely ignore all peer-reviewed proof that drinking raw milk is not only safe but health-giving and very often helps our bodies reverse diseases.(1) In a lawsuit against the FDA filed this year, the FDA argued that people have no “fundamental right under substantive due process to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk…There is no absolute right to consume or fee children any particular food…There is no 'deeply rooted' historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds….[people have no] ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families'…” Sounds frighteningly like fascism and the Nazi Reich because it is.

“…control the food and you control the people…”
-- Henry Kissinger, 1970

State health departments follow the example of and pressure from US FDA. Together they have intensified their raids on raw-milk farmers and suppliers for the past 10 years. FDA’s new power will only make it worse unless we fight them tooth and nail every time they attack raw-milk farmers and suppliers. Can we exhaust their funds that they appropriate for such fascistic raids?

That is unlikely because FDA got 1.2 billions dollars from Drug companies in 2004-2009. Their funding is likely to continue because drug-corporations want us sick and taking medication to line their pockets with profits. Food corporations supply FDA with more funds. Most food corporations do not want us nourished with healthy foods. They want us constantly hungry, nutritionally unsatisfied, buying and eating their junk food to line their pockets with profits. Big-dairy corporations do not want small farmers taking even a fraction of dairy profits. All are reasons why FDA attacks raw-milk farmers, distributors and consumers under the false food-safety banner. The 2010-egg-bacteria-contamination hoax was maneuvered to push the new food-safety bill through congress to give the FDA unfettered powers.

So, how do we defend ourselves against the newest fascist-SS FDA? We have to band together with methods that work. We have to be as creative as possible and do not dismiss any idea and how it can be effective.

I will give several examples. I formed Right To Choose Healthy Food Trust (RTCHF) on 8 August 1998 while waging my campaign to make raw milk legal in Los Angeles County and resultantly California. In 2004, I began to design a method where leases were made between RTCHF and farmers - and created clubs in which its members were the beneficiaries of the leases. The leases secured members’ ownership of farm animals. Members could pick up and transport their raw dairy anywhere without government intervention. (In U.S., we have about 75 years of legal precedents regarding lease agreements but relatively none regarding herdshare agreements.)

All members of co-op clubs signed under RTCHF are protected owners of food rather than buyers of food. That eliminates any relationship of food sales and commerce (selling to the public). Each member pays a minimal yearly membership fee to RTCHF. Some people ask “how are those funds used?” I have used those funds to pay expenses for office, printing, travel, clerical and laboratory tests on food for RTCHF-related activities and only about $2,000 dollars for myself for hundreds of hours work yearly.

Finally in 2005, my leases were tested in Los Angeles when the County health department trespassed onto Venice branch of Rawesome Club and cited it for not having licenses and food permits to sell food. I called and issued letters stating that all foods came from animals that members owned and therefore products were free of commerce and consequently not within government jurisdiction. It proved to be legally sound because government has jurisdiction over commerce only. The County, failed to respond to the letter and dropped the citation; all proof that government had no legal jurisdiction.

In 2006, the FDA and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture cited the Amos and Jacob Miller farms for producing raw milk without licenses and permits. I wrote the legal briefs for both of them, proving government did not have jurisdiction over the farmers or members’ rights to raise and consume food as they desired. The health departments and deputy city attorney walked out of the courtroom without objections to my Motions to Quash or Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction. The matter disappeared and the farmers have been caring for producing members’ animals and foods.

In 2007, I and a team of 5 people used most of the donations collect up to 2007 (about $75k) to lobby every congressperson in Washington, D.C. to get a raw-milk bill written. RTCHF rented a town house and we worked 9-16 hours daily, 6-7 days weekly. Our team of volunteers was given minimal financial assistance from RTCHF. I did not take anything but food expenses for myself. RTCHF's team faxed in the morning and evenings, made appointments with congresspersons and kept appointments from 9 AM to 5 PM in congressional offices. For 2 days, together we rewrote and rewrote my and Dr. Douglass' "Report In Favor Of Natural (Raw) Milk." We had them professionally printed and bound in spiral notebook form (about $25k) and delivered them to every congressperson.

We sat for 20-60 minutes at official offices educating Congresspersons or their executive staff. Although the Raw-milk Bill sponsored for us by Representative Ron Paul did not make it to the floor for vote, we educated a lot of people and made it clear that we would fight for our right to healthy food.

“When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government, you have Tyranny." And “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
-- Thomas Jefferson

Please support RTCHF (address at end of this newsletter) with regular donations and relay this message to people and farmers to form such contracts that work to protect farmers from bankruptcy or closure by governments’ anti-raw-milk zest, and protect club member's right to own, transport and consume raw dairy and other healthful organic foods, and to educate the public about the benefits that most people attain from consuming raw dairy products.

An organization that claims to be pro small family farmer and defends them I suspect may be a front to help deprive us of our farmer to consumer rights. It calls itself Farmer-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) and takes membership fees from farmers. I do not know if we can trust that this is a legitimate protect-small-farm organization or not. Several farmers in the last 2 years were encouraged by FTCLDF attorney(s) to accept FDA-pressured guilty pleas and FDA restrictions. Those restrictions caused some of those farmers to lose their family farms and livelihood. I intervened in 2010 with my lease program and stopped 4 farmers from signing guilt and jurisdiction under government rule. The lease agreements prevented those farmers from likelihood of bankruptcy at the hands of FTCLDF plea-bargaining with FDA terrorists.

Because FTCLDF may merely be a front established to defraud us and remove our inherent food rights, as Senator Coburn did, we must watch it carefully. This year, RTCLDF led a lawsuit challenging FDA’s regulations to prevent interstate transportation of raw dairy across state boundaries.

See this important link: RTCLDF

is not the only plaintiff. There are several citizen-plaintiffs in the action. Even though I absolutely support this class action lawsuit, I do not trust the attorney in charge (Cox) because he relinquished many farmers into the jurisdictional hands of FDA.

Probably the best way to support this action would be to write letters to the FDA, HHS, the judge and FTCLDF weekly, reminding them that we do have inherent rights to our health, bodies and the food we want, and that the FDA’s anti-raw-milk regulations, and on any food, are anti-Constitutional and morally wrong.

For each of our personal exits from HHS/FDA/CDC tyranny, we must declare our rights to food, health, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I suggest that each and every human being send each Congressional member, HHS, FDA and CDC the following Declaration:

Sovereign’s Resolution for Food Sovereignty

WHEREAS All people are endowed by their Creator with certain inherent and inalienable rights, and among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and

WHEREAS Food is human sustenance and is the fundamental prerequisite to life and health; and

WHEREAS The basis of human sustenance and vital health depends on the ability of all people to save seed, grow, process, consume and exchange food and farm products; and

WHEREAS I, a Sovereign of __________ (state), have an obligation to protect those rights as is the Common and Natural Law; and in recognition of human agricultural heritage; and the necessity of agricultural, ecological and economic diversity and sustainability to a free and healthy Society;

THEREFORE, I hereby resolve that I stand on my rights under the 9th and 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and reject such Federal decrees, statutes, regulations or corporate practices that threaten my basic human rights to save seed, grow, process, consume and exchange food and farm products on any lands of American soil; and,

Be it further resolved, that I shall resist any and all infringements upon those rights, from whatever sources that are contrary to the rights of the People of any State on American soil.

(name, address, signature and date)
(a notary’s or witness’ name, address, signature and date)

Another step that we should unyieldingly pursue is to Petition for an Amendment to the Constitution, dictating that Congress must consider our well-being on all matters equally. For too long, we have been complacent about the work of Congressional members. Congressional members specifically exempted themselves from many laws they passed for non-congressional citizens. For examples, Congressional members legislated that each of them may retire with the same pay from merely one term in office which taxpayers fund; that they do not pay into Social Security funds and none is deducted from their pay as it is with other citizens; and they exempted themselves from prosecution for sexual harassment, while all other citizens must live under those laws. The latest self-exemption was from the abominable Healthcare Reform Act laws that they passed. They made themselves an elitist group that is above the law whether they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. Self-serving congressional actions must stop.

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to Senators and Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to Senators and Representatives that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States.


(1) Expert Report In Favor Of Raw Milk aka Report In Favor Of Natural Milk at