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  1. Hi There,
    I would like to read the other articles in the Primal Diet Newsletter of July 31, 2012 it comes up only with the truck sabotage article. how do I download and read the others?

    1. Hi. The “Topics Covered in Workshops + Q&As + Interviews” Is this viewable on the website? Also whats the difference between this and the audio recordings on the DVD? Thanks

      1. Hello, Manjinder! Every one of the recordings listed on the ‘topics covered’ page is one of the recordings on Aajonus – Collected Audio Recording..
        That is the complete collection, on the two disks that you are sent in the mail in receipt of our order. The recordings ARE of the Q&As, Primal Diet Workshops and interviews.

        1. What recordings are accessible through website? I would like sign up for membership and wondered which recordings I am able to hear on the site? Thanks

          1. Hello, Manjinder!
            The password-protected part of is completely searchable using the search box.
            In order for that to occur, everything in it must be written, not spoken.
            Therefore we have transcripts of Q&As (27 I think) and some transcripts of Primal Diet Workshops at different times and places (3 or so) plus transcripts of some interviews.
            Also the complete Primal Diet Newsletters in their original formatting, plus the text from Early Training with Aajonus, Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese, Beneficial Home Baths and some essays.

            Aajonus – Collected Audio Records, on the other hand, has 140 different audio records in their original form. This is the collection of Q&As from 1998 to mid-2013, Primal Diet Workshops in various years given in various places. It is an enormous collection Click here for more info:

            In short, if you want to listen, Aajonus – Collected Audio Recordings is what you want.

            If you want to do fast searches on various subjects, the subscription to is what you want.

    2. I’m having trouble
      I went to sign up through the registration form, link sent to me by email. When I punched in my info it said I already had an account.
      I don’t get it.

  2. Hello, Jo! To see an index of Primal Diet newsletters, from the earliest to the latest, log in then use the Member Content drop down menu to select Primal Diet newsletters. When you click
    on each link, you will see each complete newsletter in PDF which you can print, save to your computer or just view in the archive any time you want.

  3. Hello, Blanca and anyone viewing this. I will be checking here for your message, now that I am aware of this aspect of the site. Also anyone wishing to reach me may call the # above or email me at Highest regards from Jim

  4. hello,

    Did the sign up stuff but can’t login. Also purchased the book, we want to live but can’t get the download. Assist please and thank you Lulu

  5. Hello,
    Okay I finally got registered and logged in. I have not received the download for which I paid with paypal for the ebook i want 2 live. Can you help please?

    Thanks lulu

    1. Hi. I have not heard aajonus talk about A1 and A2 diary. Is it a concern/myth. Or all good as long as raw.


      1. Hello, Manjinder! You have asked a really good question here! You are right. Aajonus never mentioned A1 or A2 that I know of. The first I heard of this was when my local co-op switched to A2. We get our milk products directly from Amish farmers. Personally I have tasted the difference and very much prefer A2. So my personal opinion is that this is a valid difference.

  6. Store bought butter is not raw, however raw is greatly difficult, so is regular butter O K to use in the recipes?

    1. Hello, Philip! If you live in the USA, please note that there are now 9 states in which retail sale of raw milk is approved. I don’t know where you live but very likely there is a way to get raw butter to you. includes Aajonus’ Raw Food list. I will email that to you as a PDF once I see your order. Otherwise, just to answer your question, raw butter has value that is completely lost when pasteurized milk is used.

  7. I have been raised vegetarian by parents for 20 years until I got ill with brain fog and low energy.
    I had only eaten cooked grain, cooked vegetables, and heavily cooked fish, chicken, and eggs (omelet). The meat was rubbery and chewy and I could not digest. I was forced to drink milk but it made me nauseous every time so I put lots of nesquik chocolate powder.

    I have tried many other diets. This is my last hope.

    I am new to animal food and the recordings will help me hear people’s questions to him and his individualized answers so I can try to apply it to myself.

  8. It is good to have you with us, Rohan. One priority would be developing sources for all the good food you are eating. Another priority would be to select the daily regimen you will want to start; the main options start on page 40 or thereabouts in The Recipe for Living Without Disease.

  9. Hello,

    Do you have any history of this diet being adopted long term by competitive bodybuilders to add significant amounts of lean muscle? I can see the diet being used periodically to drop weight as most modified keto diets are in bodybuilding…. I was wondering what experience you had in this area?

    1. Hi. I eat raw dry aged meat (aged for about 30days). Is this ok, as I might have heard aajonus say dry aged meat loses enzymes and bacteria?. Thanks

      1. Hello, Manjinder! Aajonus would assure you that it is OK on a one time basis however for a general practice you would follow his recommendations in The Recipe for Living Without Disease both in the recommendations section (about a daily regimen) and in the section about high meat where he tells you in great detail how to benefit the most.

        1. Hi. Thanks for reply. I do follow his eating guide and make high meat but that’s not the issue. But was asking for the meat part as I eat only dry aged meat, with combination with butter (fat). I eat raw meat but all of it is dry aged, as that’s all I have access to (even though it is more expensive). There’s No way I could get fresh meat as all meat is hanged for days. Been eating like this for a year now. ALso what did you mean by “OK on a one time basis” ? Thank you

          1. Hello, Manjinder! I did not have the full picture. It sounds like you know what you are doing with what is available to you so my best to you.

    1. Hello, Dale! Your questions require a longer reply than you may have expected. Re: the last question – the site was a joint venture with Aajonus and the person who built the site (me – Jim). He left us two trusts in which to carry on his work; the Optimal Ways of Living trust now has an interest in the site, with a portion of any funds received going to that trust. This leads to the earlier questions: Aajonus wanted the password-protected part of the site to have a search ability. There are over 1200 pages (any one page could be up to about 60 pages if you were to print it out – but it is called a ‘page’. There is a lot in there including all of the Primal Diet newsletters which Aajonus used as a way of communicating his ongoing research and information. In there you will be able to see the various attempts on his life. He was severely affected in the year 2009 and that is covered in a couple of newsletters, even with some photos. The actual fall from the balcony in his home in Thailand was an accident.

  10. Hi,
    when it is spoken about no salt added cheese it talks about cheese without any sodium?
    Every cheese i can find is brined to conserve it.
    is no salt added concerning adding the salt after the cheese was made and is brined ok?
    im a little bit confused.

    1. Hi. Can’t find any info but what’s the best to wash your hair with. Might of heard from him an egg? If so whole egg?Thanks

      1. Hello, Manjinder! In The Recipe for Living Without Disease he gives a basic one then in other times – as spelled out in Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese e-book he does mention a few more including just a whole raw egg. If you have the recipe book just look at the page or two following the recipe book or use the index at the back of the book.

        1. I live in a hot climate in summer and cold in winter. Should I put the meat in the skin and bury it under the dirt in the shadows for a month and a half after that, how is it kept?

  11. I was charged twice for the book “The Recipe for Living Without Disease (PDF download)” and I did not even receive my download!!!

    1. Hello, Sasha! You may comment on pages but there is no forum on the site. There is a private facebook group not specifically about the site but called The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. This is a group of people who have Aajonus’s books.

  12. Any chance we will hear from people who knew Ajanous like colleagues or associates etc in the future on youtube etc?

  13. Hello. I looked through the books and lectures and q&a’s and didn’t find the answer to my problem. I have low stomach acid. I can’t digest right literally anything. I was bulimic in the past and was on frutarian diet for some time. I think this two things wrecked my stomach. What’s the best remedy?

  14. Hello, Inna! I have heard Aajonus mention eating sweet corn about 20 minutes before a meal to increase digestion by hydrochloric acid. Here is an excerpt I found in a Q&A in the password protected part of the site: Q: How to increase hydrochloric acid?
    A: Either beet juice or corn. It has to be organic; can’t be GMO. Two ounces of beet juice a day or a whole ear of corn will increase it pretty rapidly. Urine may turn a little red.
    Q: Can you mix it with other juices?
    A: Yes, but it won’t work quite as well. I prefer you have beet juice first (by itself – no cream), wait five minutes, and then sip the rest of your juice.
    Q: How long?
    A: If your stomach or intestines are not making hydrochloric acid, you have to take it every – or every other – day for up to six years… if severe. But the only people I’ve seen that need to take it that frequently are in their 80s and 90s as they’ve stopped manufacturing hydrochloric acis.

  15. I am trying to determine whether the primal diet appropriate for me and whether I can implement a regular program. Eating rotten food is something I something I am not that familiar with. The books in the library are expensive due to the Canadian exchange rate. How can I know whether to go on diet before shelling out the money for books, newsletters and subscriptions.

    1. Hello, Robert! Some people who have been on the Primal Diet for years or even decades do not have high meat in their regular regimen. As you will see in
      We Want To Live: the Primal Diet, high meat is a remedy for specific circumstances. There is no shipping cost to the download version of the book which – as long as you have a way to view it – then only costs $30 .

  16. I am trying to order with my credit card, NOT via Paypal. Is this option
    no longer available? When I click on credit card option I only have a Paypal option
    that shows up. Can you please tell me how to use my credit card without going through Paypal.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello, Carmen! Yes, there are a few ways to do this. One is to continue scrolling below where Paypal invites you to use Paypal; there should be something to click on for payment with a credit/debit card.
      The other way is for you to just email me what you want to order. I will send an invoice that can be paid with a credit/debit card.
      A third way would be to call me at (323)313-5802 This is great if you reach me (and if you are in the USA) but the best time to reach me is 10 AM Mon – Fri. Or use voicemail so I can call you back.
      Highest regards,
      Jim Ellingson

  17. Aajonus talked about raw fats to help with detox, but what if I cant get unsalted raw butter and raw dairy cream, can I use avocado and coconut cream? Is organic canned coconut cream (with organic guar gum) OK? also the only butter I can get is organic or grass fed. Is that OK?

    1. Hello, George! If you are in the USA, there are sources for raw butter, raw cream, raw unsalted butter, raw kefir. Where are you located?
      Cream can be gotten from raw milk by just pouring it from the top after the milk has been sitting in the fridge. I have never made raw unsalted butter because I get it from the Amish farmers by way of my co-op, but I know it can be done. Tell me where you are located, please.

    1. Hello, Robert! Once you have logged in you may use the search box to locate workshops. I would suggest searching the word workshop
      and if that is too broad, put “Primal Diet Workshop” in quotes to search.

      1. Is the coronavirus the same as any virus per aajonus’ primal diet plan or should i do something like add anything extra to my diet?

        1. Hello, Scott! What Aajonus wrote and/or said about viruses applies to this current virus as well. Primal Diet newsletters give you some good insight into seeing this from his point of view. When someone subscribes even on a one month trial subscription, the entire set of Primal Diet newsletters plus the ability to search transcripts of Q&As, interviews and some Primal Diet potlucks fill in some fine points.

  18. Hello
    I have purchased the book and am interested in other research here but unfortunately to purchase all of this content is too expensive, especially with AUD to US conversion. I am wondering if the content on this site will become affordable for the average person who desperately needs alternatives and cannot possible purchase all of these items, While a subscription is available its time limited which is not reasonable given one needs to return frequently when time permits. Aajonus clearly wanted to share his information but unfortuneately not all of use can access it.

    1. Hello, Leah! I am not sure what to say. If I were in your shoes I would get the one month trial subscription which is the best deal in the whole world. The subscription may be over in a month but whatever you save to your computer – the Ebooks such as Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese, Beneficial Home Baths,
      Early training with Aajonus – plus all of the Primal Diet newsletters – are yours to keep. And you can search for whatever interests you or whatever you want to handle then print and/or save whatever you find that answers your question or is an applicable remedy.

  19. Let your followers know about 5G, and its dangers, and the link with the virus.

    Research vaccine insert section13, or the Deagal plan to kill off millions of UK and USA populations by 2025.

    Don’t send your children to school. Don’t accept any vaccines, as they can interact with 5G.

    5G is a lethal weapon system, and can harm you. The LED streetlights are dangerous to your health, and can see inside homes. 5G at 60ghz can stop the absorption of oxygen by the body.

    Lookup Mark Steele (, or The Fullerton Informer.

  20. Hello,
    I was curious as to what model osterizer Aajonas uses in his videos. I can not seem to find that specific one because the version I have can not blend properly with a washer intact so I ended up discarding it. Also would he permit one to blend all ingredients on high speed for shakes (do not know if this would alter the nutrient content) as this model I am using only has one, and its’ rate is fast.

    1. Hello, Joshua! There was nothing special about the Osterizer blender Aajonus used. It is not available to us now to review. I suggest you find someone in your vicinity who sells restaurant supplies as well as to the general public. They will show you the options. I don’t quite understand what the problem is that you are having, but they will and they will resolve it.

  21. Hi
    I was hoping I could get a hard copy of we want to live: the primal diet posted to the uk.
    Thanks, All the best

      1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but family problems. I was wondering what the delivery costs would be if i ordered both “The Recipe for Living Without Disease (Hard Copy)” and “ We Want To Live: The Primal Diet (Hard Copy)” for delivery to the UK. As a very toxic gulf war vet this new way of living has saved my life.
        All the best Mike.

        1. Hello, Mike! I am glad the Primal Diet and the lifestyle that goes with it is working well for you. Please see the Paypal invoice
          (arriving separately) by which to place your order.
          Highest regards,
          Jim Ellingson

  22. Hello again,
    I know Aajonas recommended raw unsalted cheese as a staple for detox. He recommended the harder and dryer ones as they are more conducive for acting like a sponge to expel the toxins and dead matter out through excretion. Mine is hard but still has moisture left inside. Will it still be effective? If I let it sit out to dry will it produce molds which will in turn help me digest it? Can I scrape off the perchance moldy surface to circumvent that?

    1. Hello, Joshua! I have some answers to your questions, right off. You may want to subscribe and do searches for the rest. First, the cheese you have should be fine. I am not sure from where you are getting it – just make sure it is properly aged then it most likely will be uniformly dry.
      There is no reason to seek out molds as that will not increase digestion and has the possibility of producing detox that you are not looking for.

  23. Hello there!

    This is Melissa and I am a professional photographer and illustrator.

    I was puzzled, frankly speaking, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without my approval, you should know that you could be sued by the copyright holder.

    It’s illegal to use stolen images and it’s so nasty!

    Take a look at this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to obtain evidence of my legal copyrights.

    Download it right now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t delete the images mentioned in the document above within the next few days, I’ll write a complaint on you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.

    1. Hello, Melissa! I will be glad to do what you want if you are legit however when I tried the link you sent, I was not allowed to see it saying it was dangerous. Possibly you could describe what you are talking about.

  24. I have a question. I am likely dealing with a Candida fungal overgrowth in my prostate/prostatitis with accompanying symptoms and would like to know if all forms of raw dairy or sugar would be I’ll advised to eat for that. It would seem that Aajonus would have said no as he recommended honey with coconut cream and lime for fungus, etc., but I am trying to clarify to be sure. Are raw forms of dairy like soured milk and cream and butter not advised?

    1. Hello, Chris! In viewing your question, there are two things that come to mind. One is you can get a one month trial subscription to and search for any of these topics to see what Aajonus says. The other thing is that I am emailing you the way to contact someone who has a thorough understanding of Aajonus’s information (having known him for years) and may be able to advise you. Also, consider the recipe from Steve Littler, above.

        1. From Steve LittlerL Aajonus gave me personally a recipe of celery, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, small amount of lemon and pinch of edible clay, if that gives you an idea.

  25. Hi when I was talking about a template I was talking about one for the farmer to food club not for the food club to consumer. Like when aajonus wanted to lease a farm to rawesome foods so that rawesome can sell that farms goods, what did that agreement look like?

    1. I see. I do not have that. In short, I operate within the Optimal Ways of Living trust. What you are asking about is within the Right to Choose Healthy Foods trust. I will ask the relevant people for this.

  26. Any update on what right to choose healthy food trust said or do you have any email/phone/website where I can contact them? Im sorry if i keep asking I just really want to start this food club asap so that people in my area can have access to healthy wholesome foods. Thanks again.

      1. Hello, Ehsan! You could email me at I would not want to put your tracking # in a publicly viewed location. I can tell you that it is coming to you directly from where it was printed. It should be with you by the end of this week.

  27. Hi! I have a question about eggs.
    I have an egg allergy and I was wondering if there’s some nugget of info I’m missing on how to cure that, or if I should avoid them all together.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello! I would need a bit more info. Are you on the Primal Diet using one of the daily meal plans in the recommendations section of The Recipe for Living Without Disease?

  28. I love how aajonus did experiments on stuff that comes from a human body to see whats in it. Does anyone continue this research? Is there anywhere to access this kind of research?

    1. Hello, Warren! No one I know of has picked up on Aajonus’s research to continue on that line. There is a team of us though working to make
      Aajonus’s information more available.

    1. Hello, Joshua! Aajonus never mentioned a particular Cuisanart model of food proce4ssor. I would say to get the one that seems right for you.

  29. Can anyone put me in contact with someone with a buffalo bone dental implant that Aajonus referred to in one Q&A ?

    1. Hello, Donal! Aajonus’s dentist can be reached at or (619)955-6971. I am not 100% certain they are still open because it is so hard to get there. Other than that, I do not know of anyone with a buffalo bone implant.
      Highest regards,
      Jim Ellingson

  30. I meant to credit a membership to this account could you please checkout transaction id 3513791867023434J?

  31. We are trying to renew membership; There appears to be an error with your account, I see a message from pay pal. Here is a snapshot of the transaction.

    We (Tasha Powers) sent direct message to Jim Ellington with photo of the transaction.
    Paid Mon 03 Oct 2022 receipt no; H232402979169
    There is a note from Pay Pal
    ‘business name confusing?’ is that something you need to fix or do we need to do something on our end?
    what do we do about that to have the membership renewed?

    1. I replied to Tasha. This should be fine now. Please email me through the Contact Us on this website so I know it now works for you.

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