Abduction and Injections

by aajonus vonderplanitz, phd nutrition

On February 9, 2009, I was interviewed on an “international” internet radio show that transitioned from the Primal Diet to the subject of Swine Flu and the vaccines. From my understanding, that interview was the first in which facts about the Swine Flu hoax of 1976 were aired (see my last newsletter, 16th Edition). I stated that the present Swine flu fiasco was the same hoax, hoodwinking the world’s population to be vaccinated with a poisonous concoction. I received several threatening phone calls over the next 3 weeks. I thought someone very invested in the 7-billion-dollar vaccine hoax was simply trying to scare me into silence.I have had many threats over the years since my book We Want To Live was published. Four times my house was invaded while I was traveling. Four times my food or environment was poisoned. However, my perceptions protected me and I discovered the poisons without much discomfort or damage to my body. So, I was relatively unmoved by the threats and I continued my public education about the impending Swine Flu hoax.

Three weeks later, I began traveling through March and most of April in East Asia. As usual, I made flight and hotel reservations with my credit card on line or on my cell phone. Anyone wanting to track me could easily use both devices to track me.

On April 2nd in a very nice hotel in a relatively small town in the Philippines, I woke abruptly to the forces of two large men pushing my shoulders onto the bed as I struggled to sit. There was enough light passing through hotel windows to see that they were not Filipinos. They were CIA-clichés who were rather stunned and annoyed that I had awakened.

I felt a pain in my right upper arm. I glanced at it and saw a hypodermic and needle dangling from my tricep. A cloth that was falling from my face was quickly placed over my nose and mouth and pressed. I saw two more hypodermics on the bed next to my arm. I thought they were trying to kill me. The cloth was odorless but within seconds, I fell unconscious as I watched one thug inject fluid from the hypodermic into my arm.

I woke the next morning after 6.5 hours sleep; 2 hours more than normal for me. I recalled the CIA-looking thugs and remembered the three hypodermics. I thought it was just a nightmare. However, when I turned to rise, I was sore in my arms, neck and shoulders with a headache. I had soreness and slight aches and pains throughout my body. I looked at my right arm and there were three injections holes in the midst of three inflamed bumps. I realized the event was not nightmare; the injections were real!

I searched the floor, garbage cans and every nook and cranny looking for some evidence, especially used hypodermics. I found nothing. I called the front desk for the number of the hospital. I called the hospital and asked if they had toxicology laboratory. I was told there was none.

Besides eating lots of honey and butter, I realized that I needed to eat something that would be high in natural ammonia to protect both red and white blood cells. I had to prevent becoming anemic or even leukemic again. I considered drinking my urine but thought that my urine was probably very contaminated with whatever was injected into me. Normally, I would never drink the first urine of the day because of all of the toxins discharged from nerve detoxification during nighttimes but this was an emergency. I urinated and smelled it. It did not smell normal. I ate some honey/butter mixture, 5 tablespoons of coconut cream, 4 tablespoons lime juice, 1 tablespoon of clay and about ¾ cup of coconut water. I would have eaten raw no-salt cheese every 20 minutes for days but I didn’t have any.

An hour later when I felt I could urinate again, I urinated a little and it did not have an unusual odor. For insurance though, I added a teaspoon of clay to it, to bind with any poisons from the assault of injections. My driver was due any minute at 7:30 AM.

I had planned a two-days road trip around the island where, I was told I could find one of the only places in the Philippines where foreign companies did not clear cut every square inch of ancient timber. Clear-cutting had decimated the animal ecology and left most inland tribes unsustainable and protein deficient. Many tribal members had to forsake their healthy easy primal lives and resort to industrial jobs in polluted cities, toxic housing grounds and work-everyday lives. That is reality for most of the 7107 Philippine islands. There are no car rental companies on 99% of those islands. I had to rent a driver with a car for my trip.

Although I was suffering symptoms from injections, including frequent nausea, I decided to continue my trip. Within 12 hours of the traumatic event of that night, I broke out in bumps that were similar to smallpox all over my arms, shoulders, neck, scalp, chest and back; some spots were worse than others. It seemed that where I had more hair, it was worse, especially on my lower arms and chest. However, the shoulders with little hair had the largest pox. Each bump itched almost maddeningly. My legs itched.

Although I periodically applied coconut cream and it was soothing, some times I had to scratch off skin just to relieve the intolerable itch at the bumps. They oozed fluid or blood. I continued to consume honey/butter/coconut cream mixture and sipped coconut water. About 11 am, I ate 1 cup raw water buffalo meat with lots of its raw fat. I felt stronger but still annoyingly itchy, irritable and dizzy.

We stopped at the end of the island at about 3 pm. We visited the docks where fishing merchants sold their daily catch. I looked for the two fishes that are very high in natural ammonia once killed, shark and ray. Those animals’ urea are changed into ammonia by bacteria when not kept very refrigerated.

I found a young 2-pounds stingray and bought it. Because it was many hours dead in hottest tropical weather on a tiny Filipino fishing boat, it was ripe with ammonia. So ripe that the merchant woman would not cut and chop it because the ray would ammonia-taint her tree-stump cutting block. I bought a thin board and chopped it with my hunting knife.

It was so high in ammonia that it burned my mouth and throat as I ate ½ cup. After chewing about 10 times with each mouthful, I washed it down my throat with mature coconut water. Several hours later, my dizziness, nausea and headache worsened. I developed very loud ringing in my ears. I felt somewhat numb, as if I might fall unconscious but I did not. I didn’t know if the symptoms were due to the excessive ammonia or the injected poisons.

I knew I had to sustain myself by eating the stingray, to protect my blood stream. I would eat less next time. The effects of the ray began to work within hours. That sensation of dropping into leukemia again slowly passed but the discharge of poison out my skin from injections continued. I knew that that was good because the body is supposed to discharge 90% of toxins through and out skin.

Within 48 hours of the injections, the bumps took several forms. All were 1-2 millimeters in diameter, about 30 of them. Some raised itchy bumps that I could scratch off and would ooze fluid that turned crystalline, or bleed. Most discharged crystalline grains the size of table salt but grayish, grayish yellow and grayish light amber. I used the magnifying glass in my 82-tools Swiss Army knife that I carry everywhere to examine them. When I returned to the hotel, I used my miniature microscope. The crystalline grains were mostly smooth-edged, as if they were molded into alluvial-shaped plastic. PLASTIC!

Page-3-Image-4 Page-4-Image-6 Injection site Page-5-Image-9
Page-5-Image-10 Injection site after 72 hours Injection site after 72 hours Page-7-Image-15

There was no way to discern what was in those injections without evidence in those hypodermics. I did not know how long it would take me to discharge those poison and if I would survive the process. What were the intentions of the injections?

If they wanted to kill me outright, I would be dead. For those criminals, probably the best way to benefit from my death would be to give me a disease including swine flu (H1N1) to discredit my work/diet and the fact that I declared, “The only way you can get swine flu is to be injected with it.” If they injected me with swine flu, they could declare that I was wrong. However, the more intelligent souls in the world would see my surviving at least 41 years after my cancer death-sentence as nothing other than miraculous, as I do. I woke and caught them, ruining the surprise.

I decided that I would wait to tell people, once I knew I was through the worst. I had too much to do already to juggle hundreds of caring phone calls. I needed to be focused on my bodily changes every moment so that I could prevent as much damage as possible. I continued to eat honey/butter/coconut cream, clay, coconut water and watermelon every 30-45 minutes. Watermelon promotes excessive perspiration. I needed to perspire as much as possible to discharge as many poisons as possible. Several times, we stopped at a river-crossing and I coated my body with mud and soaked in the water to relieve the maddening itch.

I noticed that I had massive number of freckles and tiny thin warts all over my body and many so-called liver spots. Liver spots are the collection of cells from liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas. Cells that could no longer function as organ cells but could be utilized as skin cells. Were all of my new freckles the result of internal damage to my organs and glands? They made my skin look old and tired. There is no doubt that the assault of injected poisons aged and tired my entire body.

Ten days after the injections, I traveled to a larger island to survey it while still managing the disease I had been given from injections. The sores became larger and larger until 12 of them on my legs and shoulders were approximately 5 centimeters (2 inches) in diameter. Many little ones continued to rise and erupt with blood, yellow or brown fluid-ooze and/or crystallizations. Many on my arms and hands were 2-3 centimeters in diameter. I could not tolerate being inside a vehicle with my itch and soreness. I decided to rent a motorbike (125 cc) and tour the island in short pants, no shirt with wounds on my legs, arms and shoulders exposed to the open air and sun. On that Sunday morning, I left at daybreak, long before sunrise.

Two hours into my journey on mostly dirt roads. I passed no more than 10 vehicles in two hours. I approached an area of the road that was being section-paved. Since I was first to enter the lane by 50 meters, I had the right-of-way. However, an approaching van-driver disregarded my right and raced directly at me. When he was too close, I panicked and engaged the front brakes without simultaneously engaging the rear.

My motorbike spun and flipped me. I kicked away the bike so it would not land on me. I landed on the dirt and gravel road that was dusted with toxic gypsum. They apply gypsum to help concrete dry it this rainy tropical climate. My side dragged the road and ripped skin from the side of my left leg, hand and arm until I was able to tumble to a stop, reducing damage.

The toxic gypsum kept my leg from bleeding although 2-3 layers of skin were gone. I decided to end my trip around the island and bike back to the hotel. On my return, I urinated on my leg hand and arm as an antiseptic and nutrifier. On my way, I spotted a dairy, stopped and talked them into selling me raw milk. First milk I had had in 3 weeks. I made arrangements to return daily everyday because they would only sell me 1 liter daily.

At the hotel, I applied lime juice as an antiseptic and detoxifier of the toxic gypsum. Then, I applied coconut cream and honey. Then, I applied a thin layer of buffalo meat to act as skin. However, about 4 days later sores began to surface all around the wound on my right leg, foot and sole, and several on my left leg, similar to those that had erupted on my shoulders from the clandestine-failed injections. Those sores were completely unrelated to my motorbike accident. About a week later, the motorbike wounds began to weep yellow and brown fluids, bleed, crystallize, turn tumorous and were constantly painful.

I tried to write my next newsletter but I could not focus. I seemed to have returned to my autistic fog in which I had suffered as a child, adolescent and young adult. I could speak and communicate well but when it came to writing, I was an idiot again. The harder I tried to focus, the worse my concentration. I could write one or two paragraphs and poof, my mind would fog, blur and haze into not remembering anything I had just written. I was very frustrated and angry at my assailants.

Page-8-Image-17 Page-9-Image-19 Page-9-Image-20 Page-10-Image-22
Page-10-Image-23 Page-11-Image-25 Page-11-Image-26 Page-12-Image-28
Page-12-Image-29 Page-13-Image-31 Page-13-Image-32 Page-14-Image-34
Page-14-Image-35 Page-15-Image-37 Page-15-Image-38 Page-16-Image-40
Page-16-Image-41 Page-17-Image-43 Page-17-Image-44 Page-18-Image-46

After 4 months of applying mainly honey and coconut cream, my sores began to react allergically to coconut cream and honey. They created more pain and sensitivity rather than less. I changed to using butter and that soothed my many sores as the coconut cream and honey had done previously. I had very little butter so I opted to not eat it anymore but instead use it on my sores. After 4½ months, 80% of the bleeding, seeping and tumorous growths stopped but they were still very sensitive. I was able to wear long pants without severe irritation to my sores. I had to wear silk pants though because other fabrics irritated my leg sores. Most of that time, I had to wear open shoes or no shoes.On August 22, I was presenting my workshop on the patio of a lovely home at Brisbane, Australia when my body decided to finally mass-dump much of the injection poisons into my stomach. I was merely 2½ hours into my lecture when my stomach and back began to ache excruciatingly. I tried to continue by taking 10-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes to assuage the pain by stretching in yoga postures. My tactics worked for about 2 hours and then they didn’t. Finally, I jumping into the very cold swimming pool to possibly numb myself and lectured from the swimming pool.

I was so cold that I was only able to continue in the pool for about 30 minutes and then outside and wet for another 15 minutes. I had to vomit over the railing at the deck around the pool. I took an hour break and decided that I could not continue. Two of the people on the PD finished my workshop for me: Jeff Slay and Scott Wheeler. Jeff has been on the diet for about 6 years and has attended 11 workshops over those years; Scott is an athletic trainer who has been on the diet about 3½ years.

I went to the other side of the house, being claustrophobic for that day and vomited for 6 hours as much as 7 times an hour. About the 5th hour, I immersed myself in a hot bath with milk, vinegar, Epsom salt and coconut cream. Within 15 minutes in the hot water, my back pain mitigated about 80%, I spent 2 hours in the bath vomiting over the edge into a bucket, and dozing. At 11PM, it was over. I felt very good although exhausted. My stomach felt like I had done 2,000 push ups. I had done so much vomiting, my body lost all fat around my waist and I had washboard abs; not that I cared for them but that was the result. I slept 5 hours and worked from 8AM-10PM the next day without any symptoms or fatigue. Only the sore on my foot seemed worse and more painful.

Page-19-Image-49 Page-20-Image-51 Page-20-Image-52 Page-21-Image-54
Page-21-Image-55 Page-22-Image-57 Page-22-Image-58

I arrived home at Malibu, California September 5. My body was delighted to get as much butter as I could consume and apply to my legs, arms and back. All of the bleeding from my right knee ceased within a week of my return but all of the skin was still sensitive and a little sore. For several weeks, I was unable to take hot baths because of the sores but used hot-water bottles to help me perspire.

As of today November 23, my scarred legs are just a little sensitive to bumping or grazing things though. I still have the sore on the sole at the ball of my right foot closer to the smallest toes. I continue to apply/rub butter and honey on it. I continue to get sores on my scalp that crust amber and brown. I continue to consume 4 ounces of moist Terramin clay once or twice weekly blended for 3 seconds with warm raw milk. It arrests any injection poisons that are left and making there way into my fluid systems.

I have had to wear reading glasses almost daily whenever light is low or my eyes are tired. I have never scarred from anything as I have from the poisonous injections in the 40 years that I have been on a raw diet, especially my 27 years on my Primal Diet. From the looks of the scars (see the last photo below of my scarred right leg), it will be many years before my body can remove all of the mercury and aluminum in and especially around the scars and heal the scars, if they can be healed.

I have to consider that some person or group was intending to get me very sick and possibly kill me and have my blood analyzed and say that I died of swine (H1N1) flu. They probably intended an entire publicity sham saying, “See, here was a man who claimed that you could only get swine flu from injections. And here he died from swine flu. Get your swine flu shots today!”

However, I spoiled the plot, if there was one, when I awakened and found men injecting me. I am putting this event into the public eye to expose any clandestine vaccine scheme. Do everything you can to refuse and reject any ploy for you to accept swine flu vaccines. Please read my last newsletter with my document of vaccine responsibility that could prevent you from being forced to accept the poisonous vaccines, any vaccine.

I hope that my ability to write with clarity and relative ease returns soon so that I may get current with my newsletters. Have a wonderful holiday season. I wish you wellness from the tropics where I will spend my next few months, further recuperating.


If any of you know anyone who takes a vaccine and wants help, I suggest that you note the things I utilized and foods I consumed to help survive through my injection assault and poisoning. Usually, only military personnel get more than one flu vaccine at once. If what they gave me was the three flu shots they want everyone else in the world to get straddle over several weeks, people are going to be less affected as quickly as I was but probably worse if they do not know what is coming for them and what to do.

Please forgive my tardiness to deliver my newsletters to you. I will work very hard against my present state of literary autism to get them to you as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.