Aajonus’s Accident; Working with the Doctor

Now, if I get my arm torn off, I'm going to go see a mechanical doctor and I am going to have him put it back on. But that is the only time I will go to a doctor.

Motorcycle accident

I had a motorcycle accident 5 or 6 years ago, where I was on a big 650 pound Harley and this whole group of people walked right out into the street in front of me. It was in Thailand so - and these were Europeans so they were still driving on the same side of the street that they do in Thailand. They did not look - they were laughing - they walked right out onto the street in front of me. It was either bury it (the motorcycle) on my leg or and ride --- there was no way to stop that heavy of a bike 15 feet in front of them So I tried to land it and move over to that lane taking a chance that one of these cars would hit me because I was over in the slow lane only going about 15 miles an hour - very slow. When they came out in front of me so quickly 15 feet a way - 15 feet away isn't very far on a heavy bike like that so I laid it down on my leg; I split this bone - this tibia - all the way down to the ankle.. buckled in the back, open, and then this knee cap here was broken and shattered; this tendon was torn down here, this tendon was torn up here and all of the top of the tibia and femur had broken it off so all of these were broken particles, in my kneecap.

Well, I laid on that pavement, on that street, for about 45 minutes waiting for the pain to go away. I had broken 7 bones in this foot on a bicycle accident once. And I was over that, I bicycled 12 miles that day and went to a movie. I knew a 14 year-old who used to crack people's knuckles - well I went to see her to put those back in place. Didn't even go to a doctor, because they would do X-rays and stuff like that that prevent healing - so that isn't what I do. So I was just waiting for this knee to recuperate and the knee just kept getting bigger and bigger. I just thought it was dislocated. It was about 10:30 by that time; I was in a short-sleeved shirt, and sandals and shorts. All the skin was gone off of my arm, part of this elbow was shaved down. This bone was completely shaved off -- no skin up to here.. all the way down like this. All the way down my leg. All the ankle bone had been shaved off by this. I went back to the hotel. In a taxi there – a taxi is a truck with an awning over it. I went back to the hotel; I squeezed lime juice all over and screamed a lot. ... because the lime juice surrounds foreign particles and keeps your body from utilizing - from depriving - the blood of white blood cells in an injured area - and that is called puss.

Whenever you have puss - that is not a bad thing - that is why your animals want to eat it all the time - lick it off - because it is 98 to 99 % white blood cells, which are healthy cells going in there to eat the damaged tissue. So, when you have puss - that is a good thing! That is not a bad thing... I went to the hospital after that because the knee was still in excruciating pain and wasn't subsiding. I said ' get a taxi, take me to the hospital’ . The owner of the hotel I was living in was an American - a Thai-American and she called the emergency squad instead. Four attendants and one driver picked me up, put me in a collapsible wood gurney took me to the hospital which was about 15 miles away. Do you know how much that cost? Here would cost me 3 to 5,000. It cost me $75 there. Pretty good!; that is 4 attendants and a driver plus this emergency vehicle.

I got to the hospital; the intern, probably about 27 or 28 years old freaked out. He saw the skin gone, but it wasn't bleeding. I had lost probably about 2 ounces of blood altogether, with all that skin gone... and muscle gone and bone gone. I lost very little blood; it just didn't bleed. So I got to the hospital and the emergency intern said '0h my God' 'We've got to do X-rays; we're going to have to graft skin from your buttock and your thighs. I said 'Listen; I just came here to have you put my knee back in place. I just want you to put it back in place.

Aajonus with the doctor

He says 'I'm not touching you without X-ray and I said 'Well get somebody who can if you are so inexperienced, you can't help me, Get somebody who can’. So he called the surgeon the orthopedic surgeon came in; he got there probably about 12:30 at night. They took a look at that, took a look at me; he wanted to do the same thing, wanted to cut my hip open from there to there, open it up and clean up whatever was in there. I said "I just want you to put the knee back in place. That is all I want you to do. This is my body; I will treat it the way I want; you just help me. And the way you can help me is to put the knee back in place. He said 'I don't know what is out of place and what is in place without X-rays'. I said OK, you've got two shots. I sat there with the X-ray machine to the level - your radiologist shoots the picture from here to here, from front and from side only.=- and that is all you get. If you can't determine it from that, you shouldn't be in the practice. So they did it. They let me say how to set the machine - and the radiologist had no problem with it. He thought it was great that I just took command of it.

Dealing with the surgeon

The X-rays came back and showed the split down the femur and the broken tissue tissue all in the knee joint. The surgeon said 'I’ve got to open your whole leg up, take off part of the muscle, get in there and clean it up. I have to put at least 8 pins, maybe 12 pins, And that tibia - put it back together. I said 'I'm on a good diet' - he goes ..[]. like he had epilepsy when I said that about a good diet. I said 'I can see the knee is in place - I've just got to recover. He said 'You know, I can't release you...'. I said 'I didn't give you the ownership of my body to release me anyway. So, I don't need a release from you. That's all rhetoric to get people to do what you want them to do what you want them to do. I'm not that way. Give me your card. He said 'You're leg is going to rot off',; it is going to turn to gangrene and you're going to lose your leg and maybe your arm too. You have to get skin grafted on that’. I said 'listen, give me your card; if I need your help, I will call you. If it starts decaying and rotting like that, I will come and see you. He was sure I would be back

What I did when I got back to the hotel - I squeezed lime on it again, I put honey on top of that, I put coconut cream on top of that, and then thin meat slices, wrapped it up, put a damp cloth over that and a piece of plastic on all these areas, not to touch my skin, and wrapped it with an ace bandages so I had ten ace bandages wrapped around my legs and my arm.

Aajonus healing rapidly

In 12 days, the new skin was completely regrown. 12 days. I had hired two girls to take care of me in the hotel room - one was a nurse - because I could not walk I was in a wheel chair. I got the woman who owned the hotel to stop putting chlorine in the pool for 5 days. So I would go in the pool, in the deep end, This foot would barely touch the bottom and I just kind of floated around. in there, making my leg work, get it moving. By then the algae was so great in five days that she spiked the pool. But the ocean was right across the road and down a little walkway. So I went into the ocean every day after that, with the bandages on to keep the salt water from damaging my skin. I would change the bandages every three days when the meat would start stinking out in the hallway of the hotel. Remember, bacteria is all over your body. You are 260 bacterial genes to every 100 human gene. You are not even 1% human. Bacteria does everything in your body. Without bacteria, you would not even have enzymatic activity. You always want to add bacteria to the situation. That is what I did. I healed that completely. I was walking without crutches in 6 1/2 weeks.

Three months later on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean islands I ran a quarter of a mile; sprinted a quarter of a mile. They had said I would never walk again . I had seen people who had accidents who had had that surgery before; the muscle here and the muscle are each about 1/3 smaller and when they clean out a joint like that, they are two inches shorter in one leg. I don't have any of that problem

This is an excerpt from Primal Diet Workshop of June 22, 2013 in Chicago. Click here to obtain access to the full transcript plus  transcripts for other Primal Diet workshops, Q&As, interviews and more.


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