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... About Collected Audio Recordings

I have gotten both disks into my computer now and onto my portable listening device. I have listened to the August 2005 workshop pre workshop and the DurianRider....both were fine other than the workshop ended abruptly....that would make sense since this is a personal recording. I am thankful for the info I got 🙂 Know I am so grateful your team has made this available to us. Reading, listening or watching Aajonuns on DVD I tend to learn something new every time. I think part of the reason for this is that as my body and mind go through healing and change, I hear or understand the information more and differently with each passing year.....especially now that I have put in over a decade trying to learn and follow what Aajonus teaches. This is all so dynamic in learning a whole new way to care for oneself and then learning how to integrate and apply it to one's daily life. I have adjusted to most of that now so it is easier to hear what he teaches....I have grown to trust him 🙂 and am reaping the benefits and challenges of doing so.

I am especially excited to listen to the Q&A recordings

because the attendees tend to pull more detail and info out of Aajonus....one detail at times has made a huge difference for me in figuring out challenges I have had....so there is a huge value for me to have this audio set. I want to integrate and know all that I can of what Aajonus has left for us and us for one another....this info has been life giving for me and changed my life and I am quite certain will continue to do so! 🙂

Thank you Jim, Fred, those who have shared their personal recordings and the artist!

Dawn (in California)

I Just started to listen to the first disc.  Love it!  I really love the CD case cover and information.  Quite a nice tribute to Aajonus.  He would appreciate how you have saved his hard work.

Thank you
Marcia (in Ohio)
I listened to the whole 1998 Jun 27th Nevada City workshop. While all of the material was fascinating, I almost fell off my chair (ok I'm being dramatic) when Aajonous said near the end of the recording that healing goes 5 times faster when one eats 50% of their diet in raw fat!

Ed (in Massachusetts)

Dear Jim (and to the WeWant2Live Team),

Thank you for sending the 'Aajonus -- Collected Audio Recording' Disk Set.

I received them a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying them immensely.

Upon opening up the .mp3 recordings, I learned how to move them into 'dropbox' and listen to the recordings in 'offline' mode on the iphone (lower emf exposure! yah!).

Thank you Jim and 'the team' for all of your painstaking efforts in creating this disk set (creating each set as each order comes in) and all the other item you offer.  They are such a blessing and a valuable resource to so many people.

My desire and hope is to continue to be a catalyst for others in keeping their minds/opinions open to 'consider another view', another way of looking at their lifestyle... what it is doing to them ~ and ~ for them currently/short term and in~the~long term... what they eat, why they are eating it along with when and how.  And also, where/who their food is purchased from.

All my best to you and the team and look forward to staying in-touch in the near future.

Sincerest Regards,  Ayin

Aajonus - Collected Audio recordings 
... arrived safe and sound and I have been crying with happiness at hearing the voice of the man who saved my life. I miss him so much. I just wish I had a chance to thank him in person. I trust I will see him again.

Ryan B.

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