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Aajonus' lectures, workshops and potlucks are now on a separate page for your easy viewing. ...learn how to live without disease naturally. Aajonus, who had eight "incurable" diseases including developmental autism, diabetes, psoriasis, bursitis and angina, was diagnosed with stomach, blood and bone cancers at age 20. He outlives his medical death-sentence by 35 years, enjoying excellent health, clarity and energy by following his own dietary principles.

The Author's Mission: "To help reverse disease and facilitate healthier lives and a more peaceful world for those interested."

From a terminal cancer survivor, now a leading nutritionist...
Aajonus has assisted thousands of individuals in recovering their health... ..through his books and consultations. Check http://www.youtube.com/user/wildandraw and our testimonials section regularly as we frequently add stories of rave results. Also see Consultations with Aajonus.

"Aajonus is a wonderful person, full of many, thoughts, ideas and visions.

Seeing highly directed passion in a person for a great truth, is always an inspiration.

Nothing short of amazing are the things we all experienced in this seminar.

Powerful foods, great examples, and tried and tested methods which yield

results that may be astounding to those simply looking in from the "outside".

Hope you enjoyed the day/evening and today.

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From the Author! Schedule your personal consultation with Aajonus Some people who have come to know Aajonus over the years have made the following comments when asked about Aajonus' character:
Aajonus speaks from his own experience. He says to do something because he did it. This is a lot different than many 'experts' out there. I give him a lot of credit for this.

Because of his health challenges and experiments with himself and others, I read and listen to his situations that he has worked through with food. I have experimented with loads of his remedies and found they work perfectly if used as precisely [recommended]...
I have enormous respect for his brilliance in deducing complex food and health issues with new and fresh eyes and challenges all the old paradigms. I am also grateful for his decision to stay on the planet to help humanity and his tenacity for staying with enormous challenges, finding solutions unrecognized before and not being afraid to speak about them. I know two other people like him who are shifting humanities old thought patterns into new more healthful paradigms and I am grateful.

He helps me understand what my body needs to get well.
He is a bastion of confront for dealing with body problems on a natural level which provides a source of "if he can do it, I can" and I can face my nutritional problems much better and do the correct handling that results in improved health every time.

He practices what he preaches, what he says works; he does his research.

He has actually done his own research, not simply parroted what others have said. He is an inspiration and role model for doing what you believe in and not buying into the medical b.s.


He has stably come through for me on many instances which have convinced me that his is the best nutritional plan for me to deal with my body.


He is just an amazing soul who inspires, is honest and is selfless. Do I need to say more?


Nobody is perfect, but you take the best and leave the rest. From Aajonus I've only gotten sound recommendations and advice that have helped me. In his case, he takes the personal hits and keeps on going. He is providing a mature rational model for people to observe and emulate in their own lives. And this is in spite of the vicious personal attacks on his character that I've heard from folks over the last few years. To sum it up, he provides not only good advice, but a good example.


His insight to health issues is phenomenal. He correctly nailed down one of my long-standing health issues without ever having seen me: adrenal exhaustion, as evidenced by axial ridges on my fingernails, et al.Aajonus' integrity, years of living with indigenous people, experimentation with diets and strength of character to overcome illness and disability have provided me ongoing support in my own wellness journey.

I'm just so happy he exists.

He doesn't live in some ivory tower or parrot info from other sources, he actually conducts his own research to establish the truth for himself. A wise man once said "There is no understanding without experience." AV appears to have that in spades .


I am a "SEARCHER" and Aajonas provides "REAL ANSWERS".


The primal diet is not easily accepted by most of society. Being on it is a huge personal benefit but a social challenge. Aajonus' example helps.

I try things in his books for health problems and they really work.

What has drawn me towards this diet is the no bullshit. There was so much b[.]s[.] being spouted in the raw vegan information and I believed it until after 9 months I was not a super human like i was promised haha. And there is enough BS going on; those who seek the truth should not be creating their own version of it.

Very inspiring devotion to superior nutrition... by living what he says and having tried it for himself first under desperate conditions.



I believe that Aajonus displays out of this world knowledge and courage of which I can relate to and appreciate for what it is really worth.

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  1. Can you advise what he advised for adrenal exhaustion? This is my issue. I have just ordered some raw milk and have also just bought his book; but perhaps you can share what worked for you?

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