Aajonus Speaks About His Honorary Degree

Analyzing Adams' Tirade About My Honorary Doctorate...

... you would think that my doctorate caused a near cataclysm to planet Earth:

A man identifying himself as Mr. Price(?) from University of St. Andrews in Scotland contacted me in December 2004 offering me an honorary doctorate. He stated that one of its graduates submitted my name to him for my phenomenal work in the field of nutrition and that my diet had reversed his terminal cancers. The school wanted to honor me with the doctorate because my work would also honor the university. He explained that an honorary degree was given for someone who excelled in and expanded knowledge in a particular field. I told him that I was aware of honorary degrees.

I told him that I had been offered two honorary degrees, one from a University in India (1999) and another in Kansas (2000). I told him that I refused both because I did not want to be associated with a nutritional degree from a university because my work defied all knowledge taught about nutrition in universities. He stated that it was the same for Bob Dylan who had received an honorary doctor early that year in June 2004. I mused that Dylan had railed against university knowledge in his songs and had dropped out of college. He said that Bob accepted his degree in person in Scotland at St Andrews in recognition for his outstanding contribution to musical and literary culture. I said that as long as the doctorate stated that it was for my original work in the field of nutrition, I would consider accepting it.

Several weeks passed. Mr. Price called me twice. I accepted the HONORARY doctorate but was asked to submit my books for qualification purposes. I sent him my 2 books We Want To Live, and The Recipe For Living Without Disease. I was even quizzed on some of the material I submitted.

A week later, Mr. Price called and stated that since St. Andrews did not have any nutritional doctorate program, my honorary doctorate would be bestowed on me by its affiliate Richmond University of London. While on the phone, I Yahoo-searched it and found the website showing an established looking university with old-style buildings, students, curricula and degrees. However, when I received the doctorate in August 2005, it was from Richmonds University. I searched for Richmonds University website and it looked very legitimate with all sorts of curricula and degrees, including photos of students, with modern buildings, classrooms and grounds in a city environment.

Just now, I tried to access the website but it no longer exists but it referred me to scholastic programs that looked legitimate. Either the University is now defunct, absorbed by another or other universities, or I was duped. Since the doctorate is now in question, I removed it from my wall. Also today, I have asked someone in London to go to the address that was on the return-address of the envelope that held my degree; I wrote it in my address book along with the London fax number and USA contact number from an email.

If it were a scam to get money, why did they give it to me? That does not make sense. The doctorate clearly states for "...having demonstrated ability by original research magna cum laude - with great distinction in nutrition the degree of Doctor of Philosophy."  It does NOT state that I took any curriculum at University. It does NOT state that I excelled at academic studies. It is an HONORARY doctorate. I reiterate, "...HAVING DEMONSTRATED ABILITY BY ORIGINAL RESEARCH IN NUTRITION..." The most common research doctorate is the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). In my case, philosophy of nutrition. Mine is NOT an academic degree. It is not a doctor of medicine or doctor of health sciences.

Is my doctorate false?  Did someone set me up with a scam? Any forger can repeat someone's name that appears on a real document. Notice that the degrees that are compared to mine are very different. Why would there be that much difference if they came from the same place? Is my doctorate not a fake and theirs is? Would we expect to find different names of a faculty on a real document as apposed to a forgery if any of the faculty members were the same?

I am not in possession of an academic degree. I have not flaunted any curriculum transcripts that I do not possess. I have not applied for any job or government position with it. So, why all of the rant about those issues?

I was proud of receiving recognition for my work but the degree is not my work.  Interesting fact, as soon as I received the honorary doctorate in 2005, I told James Stewart.  Without seeing it or asking about it, he laughed and said that it was a fake. Why did he say that? I helped save his life and put him in business. However,

I did not take it too deeply to heart because Stewart often directed ill-remarks at me and others.

But who incited Adams to investigate the doctorate and distract from Stewart's and Palmer's crimes? That is an interesting question but not at real issue of the fraudulent food. There are many people in government and medicine who would love to discredit me. However, was there a crime? If so, which was/were committed and by whom?

I was and am the same individual with or without an HONORARY Ph.D. My work stands for itself and my reputation is unblemished by thorough evidence. See testimonials at www.WeWant2Live.com . The degree is not my work. The validity of the doctorate is relatively inconsequential. My patients who report to me that they are now well instead of dying, crippled, health improving or no longer diseased are the joys in my life. I request that as many as possible state how my work has improved their lives on Facebook and Tweeter.

I need more evidence other than the word of someone I no longer trust for truth in reporting that my honorary doctorate is not valid. Mine may be valid even through those posted by Adams are admitted frauds. Just because there are counterfeit $100 bills does not mean that they are all counterfeit. Is there anyone who can find the people who know anything about Richmonds University? I suspect we should follow the money.
healthfully and appreciatively,
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