Aajonus regarding Oxygen


When asked about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Aajonus responded as follows:
It's not a natural oxygen; it's a chemical oxygen. It doesn't really boost the overall health of the body, it charges it with adrenaline because it is a gaseous toxin because it is a synthetically made oxygen.
I have always maintained house plants to produce quality oxygen.
There are other ways to stimulate oxygen, such as drinking parsley and comfrey juices, and walking in the woods or on the beach one hour before sunrise.
At the time I wrote the book, a genuine liquid oxygen was available. It is not available anymore. I suggested that a food-grade hydrogen peroxide be used as a substitute. I have changed my view on that after 10 years of experimentation with them.
I drink carbonated water. The reason is that like hydrogen peroxide, it will increase the oxygen level of the blood. When I checked people’s blood who had the carbonated water, it increased nitrogen in their intestines and increased oxygen in the blood.
I drink Gerolsteiner, Perrier, San Pellegrin, Ramlosa, Appolinaris  – any one of those that are naturally carbonated.
A lot of them add carbonation. What you do is have a carbon gas pocket above the water. What they do is run two lines – one from the carbon and one from the water and they shoot them in the bottle together. Perrier only used to use a small amount of carbon and they just jacked it up and it is still the natural carbon from the well. It is not a chemically manufactured carbon like Calistoga and some of the others.

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