Aajonus Questions and Answers – 2nd Edition

Aajonus very thoroughly answers questions including some vital information not available anywhere else, even in books, Q&As and so on. All of Aajonus - Questions and Answers , First Edition is included. plus 359 additional pages. It is all easily searchable as a PDF.

Here is a sampling of some new topics thoroughly covered:

  • A list of the tests you (Aajonus) give during a consultation.
  • What causes improvements in autism
  • The proper basis/premise for life (two full pages including references) [not what you would find in biology texts]
  • What cataracts are and what to do about them permanently.
  • Glaucoma – details and remedy
  • MMS– complete details, discussed nowhere else
  • Details of moldy berries for child with autism
  • The only way to know if chicken feed is contaminated in a way that would result in arsenic in eggs inhaler recipe
  • Rock dust in soil– favorable?
  • Remedy for painful feet
  • Storing meat
  • Is it okay for me to bring my children in contact with another child who has chicken pox
  • Blocking radioactive iodine from thyroids sends it to the bones and bone marrow,.. I have found it in the intestines, nervous system, brain, bones and bone marrow..
  • How to reduce the level of aluminum
  • Chicken pox is nothing other than… I suggest that you eat…
  • Eye Lubricant
  • Step by step procedure for former smokers to dissolve and cleanse the hardened and crystallized tobacco tars
  • Foods for an emergency
  • Safety/risks of MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).
  • Are diarrhea and vomiting the problem or the solution
  • Do you know whether our raw diet would afford us any protection against the worst of the [smallpox] symptoms?
  • Aajonus’s notes about Hybrid cars
  • Is it okay to dehydrate meats to make jerky
  • Algae Supplements

Aajonus wanted us to have access to all of his knowledge and information so that each one of us would be able to achieve and maintain optimal health. This is what he said to a group in Los Angeles on April 4th, 2011:

"I will have all the information in books. ... They won't need me when I have all the information; that's what I'm working on. Everybody will be able to take care of themselves if I give everybody enough information."

This is a book containing his email answers to many of the health questions posed by his followers.

These email exchanges have been minimally edited for clarity and to preserve people’s anonymity.

Q&A-2nd-edition-cover-product $50.00

Aajonus Questions and Answers – 2nd Edition, $25 if you bought the 1st Edition. Otherwise $50

Existing customers of the 1st Edition, log in with the account used to purchase your copy, and you will get $25 discount on the new edition.

The second edition of the Q&A PDF book has 500 question and answer exchanges extracted from emails. The content has been edited so the person asking the question is kept anonymous.

Sample: Sample questions from the book
Pages: 675
Format: PDF
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