Aajonus about arthritis and crohn’s disease

Excerpt about arthritis and Crohn's disease

Question: I was going to ask you about arthritis, but you said there is no autoimmune disease. [From Q&A Aug 22, 2011 (at 3:14:35)]

Aajonus: She said if there is no immune disease, then what is arthritis? 80 to 85 percent of arthritis is Crohn's disease.

Question: What is Crohn's disease?

Aajonus: Crohn's disease is when your intestines do not manufacture mucus to coat the lining and your own digestive juices and your own acid bacteria eat away at the intestinal wall and it gets thinner and thinner, and thinner Then when you eat a lot your intestinal tract tears and then undigested food particles get into the gut, called leaky gut. Your body sends those to the cartilage for digestion. The stomach is the most resilient tissue. It makes hydrochloric acid that can dissolve bone but it doesn't dissolve itself. The cartilage is the next best thing to that so your body will send undigested particles that leak into the gut into your joints wherever it may be. It could be all over and then they will digest in that cartilage. Then that digestive acid start eating away at the cartilage slowly. Isn't like the stomach. It isn't completely resilient, but it will do it slowly so, the bacteria that they find there isn't a bacteria to break down the cartilage. It is a bacteria to eat away the food particles to digest them. It deteriorates some of the cartilage very slowly.

Question: How do you change from leaky gut then?

Aajonus: You have to eat eggs, and eggs and eggs and more eggs. Live on an egg diet. I had people eating 22 eggs a day to 30 eggs a day when they have leaky gut. It is the only thing that will resolve it fast.

I had a famous senator from California. His granddaughter, they brought her to me at 13 1/2 years old. Her knees were blown out from Crohn's and the doctors that treated her for three years. She was a mess. She went into leukemia from the treatment. The wrists the elbows, but the knees were the worse. 6 months I had her normal. I Had her sucking eggs and milkshakes.

Older People

But for older people, I just have them suck eggs and have honey and butter. Honey and butter and eggs all day long. Thats all they get to eat for about 3 to 6 months. And then after that they need lots of milkshakes to build the mucus. The eggs will repair the intestines, build them quickly. I need to do that before the body coats it with a lot of mucus. Then after the intestines get rebuilt I say lots of milkshakes to build the mucus. A year or two years they are completely normal.

Question: How can you tell they are ready to go on to the milkshakes?

Aajonus: I can tell by the iris’. People with cancer or severe Crohn's, I see every 4 months until there are through it. It only takes a year and a half to two years.

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  1. I have mod to severe Crohn’s with Crohn’s arthritis (total systemic inflammation) and other digestive and, eyes and teeth, etc Since no one know what autoimmunity really is, it’s completely rational that it doesn’t really exist. All docs do is treat systems anyway. That usually makes things worse. As an older woman it’s worth it to try this as nothing else has ever worked. I’m a raw primal anyway, here we go.

    1. Hello, Stephanie! Yes, here we go! Do you have Aajonus’s books to continue to guide you back to health?

    2. I reversed severe Ulcerative Colitis with help from Aajonus. Best life and health journey ever.

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